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About MAS

Mas is a software house established in 2010. We provide innovative and fully integrated solutions that suits your business demands.


Using our skills, expertise to develop software solutions and services that leaves a considerable impact globally.


Developing software solutions and services that are used as leverage to improve our business as well as our clients, domestically and globally.

Target Marketing

Provide customized software solutions as unique as your business for All Market Segments.

Our Team

We have highly qualified developers, designers, consultants and a management team that is responsive to your needs.

Core Values

We integrate honesty, integrity and business ethics into all aspects of our business functioning.

Why Mas Software solutions?

Many companies have been depending on MAS Software House to effectively manage their business, everyday.

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Corporate Identity

Mas software company products

MAS Products

MAS Software House provides its customers with a wide variety of integrated software solutions suitable for most business sizes.

Mas software company services

Mas Services

MAS provide your business with the best software solutions and services that will continue to improve the quality of your business.

Mas software digital marketing services

Digital Marketing

MAS Digital Marketing Service is the promotion of products via the digital marketing channels so that you can get more eyes on your products.

Mas software company support


MAS don't just develop robust Software Solution , we also support them through their life cycle. please email us at:


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Mas News

Mas Digital Marketing services News

New Digital Marketing Package

MAS Software Solutions House released a new Digital Marketing Services Package that will help clients to improve their online presence in order to capture and retain more loyal customers.

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Mas New Products News

Release New Products

MAS Software Solutions House announced that it will release three new products during the next coming period; these products will be very useful for business. Wait for the next announcement.

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Mas Blog

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