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About MAS Software Solutions Company

About MAS:

Welcome to MAS, your ideal source for all software professional services in Egypt.
We are committed to give you the very best of our customized IT solutions services, with a focus on high quality, customer satisfaction and uniqueness.

We create a wide variety of IT services and features that empower our customers to grow their business.

We are also dedicated to frequently study and research the rapid changes of international markets in order to adjust to new technologies and enable our clients to face any future techno-changes and any technological transformations arising today and tomorrow's digital age.

MAS Software Company Vision

MAS Vision:

Using our skills, expertise to develop software solutions and services that leaves a considerable impact globally.

MAS Software Company Mission

MAS Mission:

Developing software solutions and services that are used as leverage to improve our business as well as our clients; domestically and globally.

MAS Software Company Target Marketing

MAS Target Marketing:

Provide customized software solutions as unique as your business for All Market Segments.

MAS Software Company Core Values

MAS Core Values:

We integrate honesty, integrity and business ethics into all aspects of our business functioning.

MAS Software Company Team

MAS Team:

We have highly qualified and professional developers, programmers, consultants and a strong management team. Our team is responsive to your needs and your feedback, they are all dedicated to customer’s satisfaction.

  • Sameh El Shafie

    Co-Founder and CEO

  • Nizar Ahmed

    Senior Software Engineer and Team Leader

  • Mohamed Reda

    Senior Software Engineer and Team Leader

  • Yomna Elfiky

    Senior Graphic Designer and Team Leader

  • Amira Sabri

    Marketing Manager

  • Mahmoud Waheed

    Software Developer

The human mind and what can be achieved by innovations and achievements in the field of technology and modern techniques, we are constantly striving to make distinctive elements with high caliber to join our team, so as to reach to Our first goal is to provide the highest quality level possible for our clients.

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