MAS Software Products

Patron CRM

Patron CRM Software helps you managing your business’s interactions with current and future customers. With MAS CRM Solution identify business trends, spot opportunities, increase efficiency and reduce costs.

MAS Software Solutions Products

Caliber HR

Caliber HR System is intersection system software between HR management and IT department. Its’ used to access HR related information and perform HR related functions. MAS HRMS System Solution also enables HR staff to execute HR related activities.

Clinic Management Software

MAS Clinic Management Software designed to make life easier for you, your staff and your patients. Our Clinic system software simplifies the complex process of medical billing by providing powerful and easy-to-use platform.

Blueprint ERP

Blueprint System Software is a suite of integrated applications that an organization can use to collect, store, manage, automate many back office functions and interpret data from many business activities.

Inventory Management Software

Invento software helps tracking and organizing inventory levels, sales orders, and deliveries. It’s also enables you to avoid product overstock and outages.

Easy Connect Call center

Easy Connect Software allows your employees to have a professional interaction with customers. Also, will shorten call times and provide a more pleasant customer experience by eliminating the repetition of information between subsequent contacts and transferred calls.

cash-out POS

Cash-out POS software is the best option for retail stores. MAS POS is simple with a user friendly interface, built on the recent point of sale technology. Our POS is a highly customized solution.