Caliber - MAS Human resources management Software Solution

MAS Human Resources Management Software (HRMS)

Your organization isn't a stack of papers. It’s a combination of employees, and business projects.

Caliber HR System Software manages your employees’ data and files, and time off at a touch of a button which your whole team will enjoy using it. That means minimizing paperwork, reduce wasted time, and satisfied employees, which will improve your company overall productivity.

MAS Human Resources Management system (HRMS) solution

Recruiting is a hard work and there are lots of qualified people interested in your job openings, but it takes lots of time and effort finding the optimum candidate for the job, the team, and for your business. MAS Human Resources Management System Solution automates repetitive tasks and shortens the hiring cycle for consistently better hiring results.

Caliber is a good option for organizations of all sizes and has extensive talent recruiting and management features such as: Core HR, Payroll, Competency Management, and Time Attendance.

MAS Time Attendance Solution

Can operate as a stand-alone System Solution or as a part of the fully integrated HR Software package.
Track employee in/out time with finger print with full name, job description, supervisor name, shifts time.
Ability to generate reports of days of absence for a specific employee and his exact working hours.

MAS Payroll Solution

Our system Calculating employee payroll in a different time, calculating taxes and insurance within government and business rules & laws.